Dr. Barbara Ottenhoff Photo

Barbara Ottenhoff, PhD Licensed Psychologist

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience. My practice is devoted to individuals – adolescents and adults – who struggle with a broad range of issues. Depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, eating disorders, grief, and addictions are the most common difficulties my clients come in with, but sometimes it’s a more specific problem of dealing with a relationship, or motivation, or disappointment.

I work with insight—both mine and my client’s. But to get there, we first have to establish a relationship built on trust (gradual, no doubt), honesty, and authenticity. In this way all can be said and understood. Sometimes it is finally being able to put “it” into words that heal (no more a secret but said and understood, then placed in the past), and other times therapy helps by bringing into the light old scripts and misunderstandings that are crippling and destructive.

Each person’s path in therapy will be different, but all should be based in an authentic and searching relationship. I offer my extensive training, insight, well-developed capacity for listening, honesty, and compassion.